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How To Attach Aluminum To Wood

So, you intend to do a DIY project with aluminum and wood. Your plan is to attach aluminum to the wood for later use.

Don’t you worry: these days, there are so many adhesives that can work on any type of surface and also for any materials. The good thing is that there is an epoxy product available that will be ideal for this task.


Effective epoxy adhesives consist of two parts. Both parts need to be mixed together before the procedure.

For small projects, you need to change the way you apply it. If you have a small project, consider buying two-part epoxy products. Simply fill both the parts into a syringe; they will mix together as they get dispensed.


1. Before you go ahead and attach aluminum to wood, first clean the wood surface. Ensure that the surface is free of contaminants like dirt, dust, grease, oil and other wood finishes like wax, polythurene and stain. Moreover, assure that the wood is structurally sound, durable and strong.

2. Now, use a degreasing cleaner to clean the aluminum. You should know that metals are formed and processed with oil to reduce friction and make the process easier. So if oil is left on the aluminum, it will interfere with the bonding process. 

A good water-soluble detergent should work for you. If you want to clean the aluminum with a quality scrub, just use 00 or 000-grade steel wool. After that, wipe the excess water off the aluminum. Then, allow the aluminum to dry.

3. At this stage, you have to fix the syringe tip on the epoxy container. Then push the plunger into the mix and dispense the epoxy at the same time. 

Just place the epoxy on the area where you want to make the bond.

4. Press the wood to the aluminum. Hold the two materials solidly together for few seconds. Then apply a clamp to both the aluminum and wood; this will help to keep both materials together until epoxy cures. The cure time varies with the type of epoxy being used - nothing to worry about there at all. 

5. After the cure time has elapsed, wait 30 minutes and remove the clamp.

And that's it! You now have your aluminum firmly attached to your wood. If you want to take the next step and cut wood for your projects, you should check out the content on Carve Your Creation now.